Our earth is getting more and more connected. Technology is letting us make unusual appliances more and more smart by connecting them to the internet, something which was unthinkable just a couple of years ago. This enables more possibilities which is helping grow and develop an entire new industry. Because of this spectacular growth in the iot business, Tweakers.net organized a special meetup on the 27th of July in Technopolis in Mechelen with the catchy subject “smart solutions”. For this they invited 3 speakers to discuss this from different point of views.

The first speaker was Frederic Bousson, a colleague of us at Ordina. He has 10 years’ experience as a smart solution expert in the IOT business. He came to talk about technologies and communication protocols he already used in the field to solve very specific problems and challenges. This shows that the technology is ready to take the spotlight, but the market is still playing catch up.

The second speaker was Isabella Nameche, chief executive offices at 50five. She talked about how the market (especially Central-Europe) is developing and what the growth expectations are for the coming year. Besides these informative numbers the presentation felt more like a sales pitch which is in my opinion a missed opportunity.

The third and last speaker was Greet Brosens, chief architect at Digipolis Antwerp. Digipolis is the digital partner of the city of Antwerp. She came to talk about how Antwerp wants to present itself as a smart city. She specifically talked about what the next steps are in the development of the Antwerp City Platform as a Service (ACPaaS) and how they want to open this platform to the rest of the world. For this Antwerp created a test zone within its city limits to test and create new and cutting edge IOT solutions to solve very specific problems inside the city (for example: detecting when a trash can is full).

With companies like Ordina, Digipolis, 50five, … that are investing in IOT technologies and solutions proves that the market is getting more and more mature each day and has a massive growth potential soon.

This was a pleasant and interesting session and I hope that there are more to follow in the future.

Bruno is a certified Xamarin developer at Ordina Belgium. He is passionate about everything mobile and C#. He is in constant pursuit of the latest and greatest technologies the market has to offer to improve his skills, knowledge and technical abilities.